“I am fortunate to be surrounded by unbelievably creative, lovely and the happiest people who inspire me every day.

My approach is to simply capture the natural details, atmospheres, moments and emotions of a wedding day or just a family’s morning. I want people to look back on their photos and remember their Wedding Day exactly as they experienced it. I want people to feel beautiful about themselves. I want people to laugh and cry remembering those first steps of their child. I want surprise people by telling their story and just make them happy.”

With a background in Graphic Design and Photography  along with her unconventional style, a new and ambitious project was born. With over 14 years of experience in the wedding industry, Catarina Zimbarra created her own style & signature look. It’s a natural, unobtrusive,  full of soft light and beauty. It’s a unique balance of fine art, photojournalism and portraiture.


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